1968 Ford Fairlane 500 Project


This is the Fairlane 500 sedan I bought to be my daily driver. Being a Texas car, it’s super solid and only cost me $800.

I lucked out and found the build sheet under the front seat in the best condition I’ve ever found one.

The original 302 that runs great. It was originally backed up by a C4. I’ve currently got an FMX from a ’69

behind it. When I bought it, someone had installed a crashbox 4 speed from a late 40’s pickup behind it. There were

some VERY interesting adapters and linkage rigged up. Progress has been a bit slow, but never stops. I completely

rebuilt the front suspension, including new springs. I even welded up a set of roller spring perches. I upgraded

the manual drums to power front disc from a donor ’69. The interior is currently underway, but new window seals have to

come first. Side windows are done, doors too, now for the windshield and backlight.  I’ll continue to update this page as

progress happens. Thanks for looking!






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